HandSkate Script Tee Shirt

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Like you weren't already the coolest of the cool, the breaziest of the steaziest, the sharpest blade in a lawn full of bladeness! Get ready to rock the block in our badass Script Tee Shirt! 

Beautifully crafted from a real skeleton arm, this is every HandSkater's dream Tee. A luscious yellow and deep black provide the contrast shown when comparing a HandSkater’s muscles to a Hand Scooter’s weak, flimsy forearms. Not only does this shirt make you 50% less predictable, but also gives you amazing hand eye coordination (You don’t have to try very hard to see the hand on the shirt). Now go shred! But keep this fabric not shredded, unless you like it that way;)

Yeah yeah, its super soft, way comfy, legit 100% cotton as all get out. Grab one while you can!