• Tough as Nails

    Go ahead, flip, grind and slide like a beast. Full Length Heat Treated Metal axles and strengthened kingpins fortify our hardened trucks.

    Be smart, its still a toy! Will not support significant weight, so take it easy there fella!

  • Just for You

    Whether you are a hardcore skater or you've never taken that first push, if you are reading this then Handskating is the big thing that you have been missing, lucky you!

  • Cool as a Cucumber

    We seriously spent at least several minutes trying to come up with something as cool as handskating and a cucumber was the best we could do! What does that tell you!


Are Handskates actually Fingerboards?

Is a submarine sandwich actually a cracker? Ah... not even close buddy!

Handskates are almost a full foot long and you use both your hands
to "skate" them.  Fingerboards are just a few inches long and you just
use two fingers on one hand to skate with them. Generally most people
find handskating is a bit easier to learn and you have a wide variety of
real world obstacles that just work really well for a handskate size

Where can I handskate?

The world is your oyster! Arghh, Gross, do not handskate an oyster! Everything else is fair game.

Seriously you can handskate practically anywhere, be creative, be
daring, be adventurous! It is one thing we love so much about
handskating, bring your board wherever you go, you can always find a
fresh spot. Get busy and grab some clips and be sure to tag #handskate. 

Will handskating make me a better skater?

No, but it will make you better looking and more successful.

Actually some of the world's best skaters regularly handskate. The physics of the board and hand positions to pull off advanced tricks absolutely mimic foot placement of skateboarding tricks. Handskating also just keeps you stoked to skate and may even get you to step up your game. Nail that new trick on the handskate, then give it a try on your skateboard.

(hey, you were already pretty good looking, don't sweat it!)

Do you sponsor handskaters?

Heck yeah we do, but you better be da bomb diggidity bomb bomb baby! Just get those clips together, make sure you've been following @handskate and tagging #handskate then start posting like a beast! Seriously, post really cool handskating edits to your public Instagram account. Be consistent and grab some attention for high quality edits and we'll start to notice!

Is HandSkate Incorporated the same as Hangnail Handboards?

In the summer of 2018, HandSkate Incorporated became the new and improved name of our company which had been formerly known as Hangnail Handboards. Handskate Incorporated is the recognized brand working with both Braille and Revive to bring Handskating to the masses!