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HandSkate Incorporated

Handskate Handboard Gen3 - Reaching Arm - Black with Green

Handskate Handboard Gen3 - Reaching Arm - Black with Green

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GEN3 Handskates are here!

Gen3 include our 2 most requested features:

1) SIGNIFICANTLY STRONGER TRUCKS! (these will not break handskating!) 

- Heat Treated FULL LENGTH Metal Axles run the entire length of the truck.

- Heat Treated expanded width Kingpin Bolt and functional bushings.

2) Foam Grip Tape! (just like high end fingerboard)

- Perfect mix of friction and slide to master your tricks while protecting your secret dreams of becoming a precious hand model.

- Features our classic handskate claw to strike fear in the hearts of your adversaries

At HandSkate Incorporated, we love to skateboard. Maybe even as much as you do!


We also love to HandSkate! We can easily take our handskates wherever we go and work on our favorite skate tricks.

Our all our HandSkates are brand new and ready to ship:

  • Lightweight and Tough
  • Unique Designs to fit your style and mood
  • Stylized Grip Tape

Don't miss out on our special pricing, grab yours today!

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